Auxiliary Equipment

Gravimetric Doser

  • Grace meeting with market demands, We are pleased to provide gravimetric dosing system, by easy to operation, a constant weight per meter, and strictly according to formula production, brings average of 2-5% of raw material saving Stable, reliable and modular design integrated in extrusion equipment, make operation more simple, user-friendly interface for users saving raw material costs, which ensure higher quality products as well.

1. Indivicial Control of  granules component

2. The control loop, system dynamics accurately record measurement data

3. To ensure stable production and accurate control of the extrusion output and 
constant weight per meter, the raw material consumption under minimum level, and reach maximum production capacity

4. Shorten boot time, reduce power waste, to ensure that products meter weight
value can be reduced to lower tolerance; raw material savings up to 5%

5. 5.7 inch touch-screen interface, highly integrated circuit, More Convenient operation 

GMS-0210       Kg/HSJ35
GMS-0460       Kg/HSJ35
GMS-06200     Kg/HSJ35
GMS-08350     Kg/HSJ35
GMS-12450     Kg/HSJ35
GMS-20700     Kg/HSJ35
GMS-30900     Kg/HSJ35
GMS-501200   Kg/HSJ35
GMS-801400   Kg/HSJ35

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