Auxiliary Equipment


  • Grace provides single shaft shredders with hydraulic pusher, which is designed to avoid material blocking and reduce the wear of the inner rail It meet a variety of industry waste recycling requirements, including general waste recycling, electronics recycling and garbage recycling, for example: a variety of plastic products including blocks, tubes, films, bags, etc , and a variety of electronic cable waste, ICB barrel, waste paper, scrap wood and a variety of organic materials The cooling system, the rotor surface hardening treatment and other anti-wear devices is as an option Additionally, the shredding particle size can be designed according to demands Some materials can be directly used after shredding, others can be conveyed to crusher and other equipment for further refine process.

1. The low-speed, high torque  gear  drive , using  Nord,  Boneng  high  intensity earthquake gearbox

2. Powerful hydraulic pusher level, stable feeding, overload protection

3. Shaft connected by bolts, easy to replace

4. The multi-model, multi-material rotor, abrasion treatment

5. D2, SKD-11 or other high-strength wear-resistant material moving, fixed knife design, unique blade structure, to ensure longer life.

Shredder Part

Cylinder Stroke(mm)600700850950
Rotor Diameter(mm)Ф270Ф400Ф400Ф400
Main Shaft Speed(r/min)83838383
Screen Mesh(mm)Ф40Ф40Ф40Ф40
Rotary Blade(pcs)26344658
Fixed Blade(pcs)1222
Main Motor Power(kw)22303745
Hydraulic Motor Power(kw)
Crusher part

Blade Swing Diameter(mm)Ф300Ф400Ф400Ф400
Rotor Speed(pcs)18182430
Fixed blade quantity(pcs)2pc2pc4pc4pc
Screen size  (mm)12121212
Motor power(kw)15223037
Particle Size 
After Cracking(mm)
Wind Machine
Motor Power(kw)


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