Extrusion Equipment

PVC Glazed Tile Extrusion Line

由于其美观、大方的外观和便于切割、安装的性能,琉璃瓦广泛的应用于别墅、自助房屋的建造;根据不同地区的使用需求,格雷斯设计的多款经典的形状如巴西殖民式、中国竹节式、欧洲大波浪式都获得了市场的成功;并根据客户要求提供2层以上的多层复合技术 特殊合金处理的机筒、螺杆可满足60-80phr高填充配方的生产需要,成型机构采用特殊风冷冷却方式配合加强型成型模块极大的提高了生产效率并可满足400-600kg h的产量需求。拥有30多套全球项目成功交付经验的格雷斯团队可为实现量身定制整厂交钥匙工程。

Due to elegant appearance, easy cutting and installation, glazed tiles are widely applied in villas, self occupied housing construction; according to demand of the different regions, Grace designed a variety of classic shapes, such as colonial style in Brazil, bamboo style in China and European big wave style which are consistent access to the customers; We also provide multilayer technology according to the different requirements. Special alloy processed screw and barrel can meet 60-80phr high fill formula production requirements, forming machine adopts special air cooling with reinforced forming mould, which can improve the capacity efficiency to 400-600kg/h, More than 30 lines of Grace has been successfully installed, Turn-key solution is pleased under your need.