Extrusion Equipment

CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

  • Grace makes continuous innovation to ensure higher quality machine According to analyzing nature of C-PVC material which from many famous material suppliers( LUBRIZOL, INTERPLAST, SEKISUI, ARKEMA, KANEKA ), Grace has developed full sets of extrusion lines of C-PVC and achieves several patents Grace is capable of producing pipe diameter up to 630mm.CPVC 英.jpg

CPVC 英.jpgCPVC 英.jpgCPVC 英.jpgCPVC 英.jpgCPVC 英.jpgCPVC 英.jpg

Diameter Range(mm)Extruder TypeExtrusion Power(KW)Max. Capacity(kg/h)Max. Haul Off Speed(m/min.)
Ф16-40 DualSJZ51/10518.5 AC12010
Ф20-63 DualSJZ65/13237 AC25015
Ф20-63SJZ51/10518.5 AC12015
Ф50-160SJZ65/13237 AC2508
Ф75-160 DualSJZ80/188110 AC4506
Ф63-200SJZ65/13237 AC2503.5
Ф110-315SJZ80/15655 AC4503
Ф315-630SJZ92/188110 AC8001.2
Ф710-1000GMP130/26160 AC11001.3