630mm PVC Pipe Extrusion Line In Egypt

In May, Grace’s engineers came to the beautiful Nile River to debug and run two 315-630mm PVC pipe production lines. The production line consists of a counter-rotating flat twin-screw extruder, a vacuum box, a spray box, a tractor, a cutting machine, and a flaring machine; the unit has reliable performance and high production efficiency.


The counter-rotating flat twin-screw extruder independently developed and designed by Grace adopts a new twin-screw design, which has a uniform plasticizing effect to ensure the stable operation of PVC raw materials during processing; a high-torque reduction box can ensure the stable operation of the host; and More precise temperature control system; PLC control realizes the synchronous operation of the whole machine.

The vacuum box adopts advanced pipe wiring design and adjustable spray angle, better cooling effect, dense pipes are quickly cooled in the first area; the tractor is driven by a servo motor, the traction is stable and reliable, and the noise is low; new planetary cutting machine , Reliable and durable, good chip suction effect, low noise; The flaring machine adopts PLC control, with efficient heating and cooling.


With continuous efforts to break the barriers, Grace currently has several pipe lines running in customer factories in Egypt, and the feedback from customers is generally positive, which has achieved a certain market share and good reputation. Looking forward to the future, Grace will forge ahead and become a new benchmark for Made in China in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa with higher quality products, efficient services and continuous innovation.